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During his visit to China, Modi visited Yangshan seaport on River Yangtze and got impressed by the infrastructure. He had visited the place with 22 members. After that he announced a project of development of Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) in 2011. He has dreams to build industrial parks and townships in Dholera. Building metro rail system and international airport are also parts of the project. It is said that it will prove itself to be the next big industrial hub of Gujarat. Dholera SIR is situated 100 km south to Ahmedabad. It will not merely be a market; it will include residential area, financial area, processing area, commercial area and manufacturing area. All of these areas will be provided with all the modern facilities including clean drinking water. 872 square kilometers of area has been chosen for the project. It is considered the most ideal place for the SIR project due to its proximity to Ahmedabad. In fact, a proposal has also been made to connect this place to Ahmedabad by metro rail. From this place, access to ports and airports is also easy.

Till now, the project has completed some part of it. Pre-feasibility study and study of the entire location have been done. Work on central road has been started. The top planning consultant has been called from UK to plan activity and other works related to assessment of the environmental components.

It is hoped that this project will give immense employment opportunities to all kind of people from construction to running the business.

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